Direct numerical simulation of the dilation of bubbles

In collaboration with primarily Stéphane Dellacherie (CEA), Grégoire Allaire (École Polytechnique), Samuel Kokh (Maison de la Simulation) and Anouar Mekkas (CEA).

  • Thermal Hydraulics models for low-Mach number conditions
  • Discretization schemes and patch-based adaptive mesh refinement
  • Parallelization and optimization of code

Presentation of results at the CANUM 2014 conference (Congrès National d'Analyse Numérique) at Carry-le-Rouet, France; and at the LRC MANON workshop at Paris, France.

Co-development of CDMATH, an open-source CFD toolbox made for numerical analysts who want to easily model thermal-hydraulics flows. This library is based on MED File, a base library of the SALOME platform to which I contributed a little.

Analysis of the hyperbolicity of two-phase flows equations

In collaboration with primarily Tomasz Kozlowski (University of Illinois).

Presentation of results at the ANS Winter Meeting 2012 at San Diego, California, and at the CEA-GAMNI 2014 meeting at Paris, France.

Formerly: Sociology and multicultural management

In collaboration with Ève Chiapello, Éric Godelier, Dïana Denou and Tatsuya Shoji.

Comparison of the organization and the management practices between Renault France and Renault Samsung Motors in Korea.
Topic: “What is the path of the information through the company; from the Voice of the Customer to the appropriate policy makers?”
Awarded the first prize by the Renault-Polytechnique-HEC Chair.

Co-author of “Management multiculturel - Pratiques de management comparées”, Volume 1 Chapter 12. Order here.