My personal mission statement is to serve the development of the fundamental layer of our civilization, that is energy generation. I aim at pushing society forward by designing the right projects, participating in the most beneficial research, and being involved in dynamic associations that share my values.


To my mind, the evolution of civilization is mainly driven by technological progress. More specifically, growth has been proven to be correlated with − if not caused by − the availability and reliability of energy. I want to have the most positive as possible impact on this evolution.


As a first approximation, companies grow as their volume of sales grows. The most appealing way to achieve growth is by entering new markets. I look forward to fostering innovation at future-oriented companies and with emerging markets.


I currently work as a Research Engineer and PhD Candidate in Applied Mathematics at the French National Lab CEA. The mid-term goal is to use numerical simulation to further improve the efficiency and safety of the thermal-hydraulics components of nuclear reactors.


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Contact information

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